Monday, February 8, 2010

Mafia Wars BluePrint

If you've ever wanted to recruit an obscene number of Mafia members and level up in a ridiculously short time, easily get godfather points on demand, this is the most important page you will ever read...
Just Press Play! And Learn How the Ultimate Mafia Wars Pro Recruited 1947 Members with $9.9 Trillion in the Bank and Achieved Level 877 in Record Time! Learn to build your Mafia at record speed, never lose a fight, never get robbed and dominate every hit list target you strike. Reach the top knowing how to be the Ultimate Godfather...
Are you sick of having so little energy points to complete jobs? Is this causing you to lose valuable time and you find leveling up a nightmare? Are you constantly getting beaten and bullied by other Mafia Wars players? Tired of losing battles and needing to beg people to join your Mafia?


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Monday, December 7, 2009

Movies For Blackberry

Movies for PDA & Smartphone
(for Blackberry, Palm, Windows devices, Android Phone, Linux, etc)
Don't Spend Time Figuring Out What Works on Your Device
...and What Doesn't
Our files are already converted for your device.
Our 1 Year Subscription Will Give You Weekly New Movie Releases and Some Recent Theater Hits.
Now watch movies on the plane, at the gym, in bed, on break or anytime you have blackberry one on one time.


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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Satellite TV for PC

You don’t need a satellite dish, receiver, or any cable or satellite service! All you need is an internet connection and a computer.
Watch all these channels anywhere in the world.
So what are you waiting for? In less than 5 minutes you could be watching your favorite
movies, sports, TV shows right on your computer. Take advantage of this special limited time offer...


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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

nokia 6250 :the big ‘macho’ outdoor phone from nokia

Nokia 6250 is the old handphone product from nokia to outdoor phone. In this categories specially designed to deal with malignancy field. Big size physical and macho with a bandage rubber casing protects from impact. Stand plunged in water, resistant to dust.

Superior durability

General 2G Network GSM 900 / 1800

Announced 2000

Status Discontinued

Size Dimensions 142 x 50-58 x 23-27 mm, 159 cc

Weight 167 g

Display Type Monochrome graphic

Size 96 x 60 pixels, 6 lines

- Dynamic font size

- Softkey


Alert types Vibration; Downloadable monophonic ringtones

Speakerphone No

- Profile Selection

- Ascending ringing tones

- Personal alert tones

Memory Phonebook 500

Call records 10 dialed, 10 received, 10 missed calls

Card slot No

- 3 phone numbers per name

- 150 text messages

- 10 voice dial numbers

Data GPRS No


3G No


Bluetooth No

Infrared port Yes


Camera No

Features Messaging SMS

Browser WAP 1.1

Radio No

Clock Yes

Alarm Yes

Games 3 Games (Snake II, Opposite, Pairs II)

Colors Black Night, Grey Dusk and Red Sunset

Languages Major European and Asian languages


Java No

- Voice recognition

- T9 for 10 languages

- Organizer

- Sound level meter

- Infrared transfer of data between compatible phones

- Task journal

- Stopwatch

Battery Internal, Li-Ion 1200 mAh (BLL-2)

Stand-by Up to 336 h

Talk time Up to 5 h 50 min

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Get music in my Samsung SGH - M100

Samsung SGH - M100 also function as mp3 player. Have feature 'Mega Bass Booster’ you can choose sound Rock, Jazz, Classic, disco, and Basic (Flat). You can enjoy lovely music, just plug the earphone. But it’s only 32 MB memory ..hehe...

Weighing just over 97 grams, the Samsung SGH-M100 possesses a host of new functions with its menu system being very similar to that of Nokia's - with a touch of animations slapped in. Of the utmost importance, of course, is the MP3 player function that allows users of the phone to simultaneously play music on the phone whilst not using it for its primary purpose. The built-in 32MB memory allows a user to store up to 32 minutes worth of music - which is about 6-8 songs depending on their length.

Supplied with the SGH-M100 is the headset piece with remote control - allowing control over the music function. This 2-ear headset also acts as the portable handsfree whereby calls can be taken even when one has their phone inside their back pocket or bag. Sound quality for both music and normal calls whilst using the headset is superb.

As for the question of how to load the music into the phone's memory, it comes supplied with a parallel cable that connects up to the base of the SGH-M100 and software to load one's choice of music. Installation of the software was a breeze and it did not take much effort to get the phone to connect up.

Call quality, by the phone itself, was standard with the average lifetime of the battery lasting approximately 180 minutes for talk time and around 40 hours of standby (sometimes less dependent on your usage of the MP3 player). If one was to use the MP3 function when they travel between home and work, recharging the phone would probably be a must on a daily basis. In comparison to other phones on the market, battery life is insufficient irrespective of whether the MP3 player was used.

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NOKIA 9110i : computer or phone?

Nokia 9910i is good gadget. This phone can be Personal Digital Assistant. You can type message, email, address book, agenda, and more. Can be linked with PC.

Introduced : December 1998
Network : (2G) GSM 900
Form factor : Flip
Antenna type : External
Size Weight : 253 g (with battery)
Dimensions : 158 x 56 x 27 mm


Type : Graphical
Coloured : No
Resolution Size : 640 x 200 pixels
SMS : 10
Received calls : 10
Outgoing calls : 10
Lost calls : 10
Calendar notes : Yes
Shared memory : 8
-8 MB total
- 4 MB Operating System and applications
- 2 MB program execution
- 2 MB user data storage )

Processor : embedded AMD 486 processor
Operating System : GEOSE
Mail protocols : SMTP, IMAP4, POP3 and MIME1
Ringtones : Polyphonic ringtones
Ringtone profiles : Yes


WAP browser
- Contacts- Notes
- WWW browser
- Telnet- Terminal
- Calendar & To-do List
- Help
- System & security
Data : Yes, 14400
Infrared : Yes
Email client : Yes
Features Vibration : No
SMS : Send / Receive
Java : No
Games : Yes
Clock : Yes
Alarm : Yes
Calculator : Yes
Calendar : Yes
To-do list : Yes
Multiple numbers / contact : Yes
Handsfree : Yes
Standard Battery Type : Li-Ion
Amperage : 1100 mAh
Standby time GSM : 60 - 17h
Talk time GSM : 3 - 6h

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

ERICSSON R190 : Anywhere with satellite connection

This is a satellite mobile phone. ericsson r190 gsm super have feature who not owned by another phone. can be used anywhere at any time and take advantage of the satellite connection Aces.

• ACeS satellite/GSM 900 dual band
• Weight 210 grams
• Size 130 x 50 x 32 mm
• Ultra slim battery
• Extra snap-on satellite antenna
• Talk time, 3 hours 40 minutes in both modes
• Standby time, 43 hours in both modes
• Smart dialing
• Data, fax, in GSM mode only
The Ericsson R190 is the world's smallest and lightest satellite/GSM dual mode phone specially designed to work with the ACeS regional geostationary satellite, deployed over the Asia Pacific region.
Calls have been placed successfully across the network using the Ericsson R190. Equivalent to a standard GSM phone in design, size and weighing just over 200 grams, the Ericsson R190 phone represents a leap forward for satellite handsets. Ericsson expects to launch the R190 during the second half of 2000.

The Ericsson R190 is capable of operating in both satellite and GSM 900 modes. Once out of cellular range, the phone automatically switches to satellite mode to send or receive calls making it the ideal phone for users travelling to remote areas beyond cellular coverage.

With the dual mode Ericsson R190, subscribers in the Asia-Pacific region can benefit from extended mobile connectivity as a result of the complementary nature of satellite and GSM systems.

The phone is targeted at users who require extended connectivity to be able to call wherever they are in the Asia-Pacific region. ACeS subscribers travelling outside satellite coverage will be able to roam GSM networks worldwide.

The Ericsson R190's small size is enabled by GMSS, which is derived from the popular GSM standard and exploits the filters, mixers and RF base band components already present in a GSM handset. Subscribers are able to roam on GSM networks and remain in communication should they move out of coverage area by switching to satellite mode.

The Ericsson R190 functions in four modes: GSM preferred - searches first for a GSM network and switches to satellite if one isn't found, GSM only - searches only for a GSM network, satellite preferred - searches first for the satellite network and switches to GSM if it is not found, and satellite only - searches only for the satellite network. The phone is complemented by a range of useful accessories that will simplify and help usage in different situations.

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

ERICSSON R310 : Outdoor Handphone With Shark Fin

Even though the R310 is built to cope with harsh treatment, it is a small phone that fits in the pocket and has all the features you expect to find in an Ericsson phone, such as voice control, vibrating call alert, and data/fax capabilities. Apart from being water, dust and shock resistant, the phone’s features, functions and accessories have been carefully developed to fit an adventurous lifestyle.
The R310 is Ericsson’s second rugged mobile phone and will be available during mid 2000.
The outside of the R310 is reinforced with rubber inlays to withstand harsh treatment and to provide a good grip that prevents the phone from becoming slippery when wet. The battery is housed within the phone and can easily be changed.
Being a water-resistant phone, the lid has silicone gaskets and membranes from W.L. Gore & Associates that prevent water from leaking in. Equipped with membranes from the GORE ALL-WEATHER-series, the R250 and R310 are the first phones to utilise W.L. Gore and Associates’ new concept.
The R310 will be available in four colors: Bright Orange, Nautic Blue, Aquatic Green and Peak Yellow. One of the first things that might strike you when you see the phone for the first time is the Shark FinÔ antenna. It is moulded in a flexible rubber material to prevent the antenna from being damaged if the phone is dropped.
To avoid getting dirt in the system connector of a phone, a protective rubber cover has been developed. The cover can be opened to facilitate easy mounting of accessories. The R310 is compatible with accessories for the 3V-platform that are not depending on the size and shape of the phone. There will be an outdoor adventure kit available as accessory, which contains compass, thermometer, magnifying glass and ruler, developed by Victorinox.
The R310 will be shipped in a durable water-resistant packaging, which also can be used as a container for things that you want to keep dry and clean when you’re out hiking. The container is made of transparent PET plastic and has a screw top that protects water from leaking in.
R310 features include:
• GSM 900/1800 dual band
• Water, dust and shock resistant
• Robust construction
• Vibrating Alert
• Data/fax
• Stopwatch/timer
• Games
• Large full graphical LCD display
• Built in battery
• Voice control (dialling/answering/rejecting calls)
• Multipurpose strap
Two versions of the R310 will be produced. The R310s, and the R310sc which features a complete Chinese interface, which allows you to send and receive Chinese SMS messages and also lets you store Chinese names in the Phone Book.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

NOKIA 6150 : Bass Boosted Earpiece Speaker

Nokia have features ‘Bass Boosted Earpiece Speaker’. So in promised sound will result in clear, natural. Original manufacturers promised save energy with 'SIM sleep mode’.

The Nokia 6150 is a 1998 model mobile phone which is compatible with European providers only. It operates on the frequencies of GSM 900, GSM 1800.

The Nokia 6150 is not capable of accessing the Internet, due to the limitations of GPRS access. With this phone, you may also send MMS, or Multimedia Message Service. The phone is also able to use EMS, or Enhanced Message Service. On top of sending messages, the Nokia 6150 is equipped with intelligent t9 typing, which allows you to easily type text messages without pressing each key upto 4 times for the correct letter.

Connectivity and Interactivity: With the 6150, you can't really do much when connecting to other devices, since it's USB capabilities are limited to nill.

Nokia 6150 Technical Details

Networks : GSM Networks.

Weight : 142 Grams

Case Type : classic

Year : 1998

Size : 129x47x28 mm

Battery Type : Ni-Mh

Battery Life : 5 Hours Talktime, 280 Hours Standby

Antenna : Oldschool External.

Display Features on the Nokia 6150

Resolution : 84*48

Colour Depth : Mono

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

NOKIA 3310 : 'Communication So More Fun'

Nokia 3310 is million’s phone of third world. It’s called 'Communication So More Fun'

With features voice dial that making free calls lovely honey enough by call the name. While SMS screen display can accommodate 460 characters. Cover In available!


The Nokia 3310 is a dual band GSM900/1800 mobile phone. Released in the fourth quarter of 2000, it replaced the massively popular Nokia 3210. This phone sold extremely well, being one of the most successful phones with 126 million pieces sold.[1] Several variants of the 3310 have been released, including the Nokia 3315, 3320, 3330, 3350, 3360, 3390 and 3395.


The 3310 is a compact but somewhat heavy (133 g) phone featuring an 84 x 48 monochrome display. It has a lighter 115g battery variant which has fewer features; for example the 133g battery version has the start-up image of two hands touching while the 115g version doesn't. It is a slightly rounded rectangular unit that is typically held in the palm of a hand, with the buttons operated with the thumb. The blue button is the main button for selecting options, with "C" button as a "back" or "undo" button. Up and down buttons are used for navigation purposes. The on/off/profile button is a stiff black button located on the top of the phone. It has a very sturdy design which was a big contribution for its success. However, radiation is high with SAR = 0.96W/kg.


The 3310 is known for having many features built in. These include many utilities, such as a calculator, Nokia network monitor, stop watch and a reminder function. It has four games, 'Snake II', 'Pairs II', 'Space Impact', and 'Bantumi'. It was popular for SMS because it allowed long messages three times the size of a standard SMS. The phone also has voice dialing for the quick dialling of selected numbers.


The Nokia 3310 can be customized with interchangeable covers, and thousands of different designs have been produced by various companies. It also has over 35 ringtones built in with space for seven custom tones. These can either be downloaded, or can be composed by the user using the tone composer. The phone has different "profiles" which can adjust the phone to different sets of preferences. For example, there is silent mode where the phone will not ring when inappropriate to do so. Screensavers can be made from received picture messages. It has the option to set a reminder message that displays when it is turned on.


[edit] 3315, 3390 and 3395

An enhanced version of the 3310 is the Nokia 3315 which has some additional features:

• A picture editor to edit pictures for use in SMS Picture messaging & screensavers on the phone

• Timed profiles

• Could use received ring tones as SMS tones

• Fixed some of the bugs found in the 3310

• Automatic keypad locking after specified time

• Peanut-like inter-connected silicon keymat

• Singaporean and Malaysian sold 3315s also had a blue backlight for the LCD screen and keypad, as opposed to green.

• Similar design to its successor (The Nokia 3410)

The 3315 was also released in Australia. Most versions of the 3310 could be upgraded to include the additional features of the 3315 by using a data cable.

There are two North American variants of the 3310; one is the Nokia 3390, which operates on GSM 1900. The Nokia 3395 is an updated version of the 3390 which includes the additional features of the Asian 3315 model, and it has poor reception if you are in a GSM 850 area.

WAP-enhanced models (3330 and 3350)

The Nokia 3330 was basically a 3310 with a SMS-based WAP capability, animated screensavers, a pinball game named 'Bumper', and phonebook in the phone memory (100 entries) as opposed to being stored on SIM-card in earlier models. It also has the capability of downloading game packs via WAP (Snake II mazes, Bumper tables, Space Impact chapters). Without true GPRS connectivity the WAP feature proved unpopular and the version was unable to replace the 3310 in the European market.

An Asia Pacific-only version, known as the Nokia 3350, was in essence an improved 3330 with WAP, rhythmic backlight alert, animated screensavers, two-way Navi-Key, dedicated call and hang buttons, Chinese lunar calendar and a 96x65-pixel screen. Some 3350s have back covers that feature a photo-insert window, allowing users to put personal pictures from photographs, magazine cut-outs, etc.

AMPS/D-AMPS-based versions (3320 and 3360)

The Nokia 3360 and 3320 are related models designed for the U.S. and Canadian markets respectively. They are externally similar to the 3310 and 3390, but use Digital AMPS ("TDMA")/AMPS technology rather than GSM.

Like the Asian 3350, they include two dedicated call and hang buttons and two soft keys. They also feature an infrared port. Unlike the 3390, the 3360 and 3320 do not support voice dialing. At 136 gram each, they are also slightly heavier than the 3390, which weighs 119 gram.


Old Nokia 3310s (which are often available for a small fraction of their original price) are frequently sought out by hobbyists for their screens. These are graphical LCDs with a resolution of 84x48, and include a Philips PCD8544 controller which is easily controlled using an SPI bus.

The mobile phone features an MBus (Nokia) and FBus. [2]

Codes for Nokia 3310

• *#06# - displays IMEI number

• *#0000# - displays version number

• *#92702689# - displays usage in hrs:min:sec format

• *3370# , #3370# - for enabling/disabling EFR quality voice mode.

• *4720# , #4720# - for enabling/disabling HR quality voice mode.

• *#746025625# - checks if the SIM clock stop can be allowed.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

SIEMENS SL 45 : “Does Not Look Like An MP3 Player, Does It?”

In promotional mentions Siemens SL 45 as "Does not look like an MP3 player.does it?" It can be MP3 digital audio file player with ID3 tag support, through headset only. The other function as Organizer. Play music with External MMC memory who are playing during 45 min

Features and specifications


The SL45 series was a professional model and thus very highly priced at the time of release. It was sometimes criticized for its bugginess, particularly in that simply sending too many SMS's could cause the phone to crash, and for being relatively delicate - there are many known issues of vibration alert, or MP3 player control buttons on the side of the case stopping functioning after phone fall.


The SL42, SL45 and SL45i share the same electronic components, and thus firmware can be exchanged between them. It can enhance functionality of SL42 and SL45 with Java support. Relatively simple structure of the firmware code, and the ease of new firmware installation (standard serial cable included in the box is suitable) led to many custom firmware modifications (patches) sprung over the Internet. These correct software bugs, change the phone's graphics, or even add new functionality like key remapping, calling pictures, or detailed battery information.

User base

Due to the above mentioned firmware enhanceability, availability of many Java applications further enhancing the feature set (with, for example, sending of long SMS messages, e-book reading, video playing, and E-mail client functionality), MP3 player functionality and memory card slot, and also for being fairly priced after a few years since its release, the SL45 series gained a huge user base, constantly developing new firmware patches, Java applications and hardware modifications, enhancing the phone's functionality. Many fans of the model claim that there is no mobile phone which can replace the SL45i (either the original one, or SL42/45 enhanced with SL45i firmware) for them.

The phone is indeed very versatile and has a huge feature set, especially when compared to other phones of its time, although it lacks many features now considered standard for modern phones, like colour display, integrated camera, polyphonic or digitized ringtones, Bluetooth and GPRS functionality. Modern phones with memory card support also can be natively connected to a computer's USB port, greatly improving transfer speeds when compared to the SL45's serial connection; this limitation can be, however, omitted by using a third-party memory card reader.

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